FlightGear multiplayer map


Download 30KB Python script


If you have a small laptop screen and some of the window isn't all visible, edit self.h= and self.w= near line 226



Map can be turned on and off. When off, it won't be downloading new map images

Trails displays dots at each aircraft's last N positions. Useful for estimating speed, turn rate, acceleration, etc. They are still stored when this box isn't ticked - it only affects display

Labels can be turned off. But without them you won't be able to select an aircraft

Colours assigns a random colour to each aircraft, to try and help distinguish between them. In the latest version, stationary aircraft are coloured grey, which also helps

Highlight gives a bright red colour to the selected aircraft's symbol, label, and track

Measure lets you click on two aircraft to measure the distance between them

How to...

Pan the map


Show details on an aircraft

Click on its label. This will show aircraft details on right-hand side of screen (even if aircraft isn't currently in view)

Click on anything that's not a label to unselect

Measure distance between two aircraft

Select one aircraft, then select the other aircraft. Tick the "measure" option and it will show a continually-updated distance and bearing between the two aircraft.

Get latest maps

If you delete your map_cache directory, the next time the program runs it will download fresh map images. This might be useful if your map provider has recently updated their data.

Change the tower position

Change the default values for self.lat, self.lon, around line 229

Fix an inaccuracy in the map

Create an OpenStreetMap account, login to openstreetmap and edit it. Changes will typically show up within an hour or so on the main 'openstreetmap' style, except for coastlines which take longer. Beginners' guide

Change settings

Don't be shy to edit the source code. Some settings you can change easily are:

What data is available?

This is what the multiplayer servers offer for casual clients like us:

Anything we can derive from this info is fair-game (e.g. 2 positions give us groundspeed, track, and vertical speed)

This is pretty similar to what info an ATC might get (position from the radar updated every few seconds, altitude from transponder, and callsign/aircraft type from talking to them), which might be useful for anyone treating it as an ATC-like tool

To get more info on each aircraft, we'd need to speak the "full" multiplayer protocol, which would probably involve creating an aircraft, and couldn't be done on a computer already running flightgear